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Samantha Dinnage
Hi, I'm Sam, I am so happy that you are here! WELCOME to Beautifully Balanced...

I help stressed people with busy minds to release tension, enjoy movement & discover more relaxation & joy through Yoga, Zumba, Wellbeing Workshops and Ayurvedic Massage. My friendly group classes are welcoming, non-competitive and accessible, supporting both physical & mental wellbeing in today’s hectic world.
I am extremely passionate about sharing these practices with you, Online and in South Derbyshire (Mickleover, Hilton & Egginton), because I have experienced the life changing benefits first-hand. I've flipped my story from being anxious and highly stressed with digestion, sleep, speech, arthritis and migraine problems to one of more energy and vibrancy, which helps me to enjoy life a whole lot more!

Stress, Health and Healing
When we are stressed long-term, it's like constantly running a car with the foot to the floor, eventually the body & mind start to signal (or shout) that they are out of balance; showing up as pains, digestive concerns and anxiety, for example. 
When working towards improving or sustaining health consistently, this helps raise our vibration and experience more joy in our life, and spread it to those around us! Discover a range of holistic services to support you at Beautifully Balanced.

You can find out more about my health story in 'about'.
Unsure where to start?
...begin your wellbeing journey here... I recommend you START HERE 
Helping you to enjoy movement, de-stress & find some regular time for yourself.  30+ classes per month
Slow down & combine holistic approaches for deeper relaxation & inner healing
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Just for you, personalised Ayurvedic massages to bring harmony to body & mind. Based in Mickleover, Derby
Join Sam for conversations, as we explore holistic approaches to support your wellbeing in today's hectic world
Yoga for Neck, Chest & Shoulder Relief
Try this 25 minute class to feel relief from slumped shoulders. Create space and open out to improve posture and breath with more ease. Hop into something comfortable and join Sam!
Current Zumba Warm-Up
Join Sam as we move together to song Jump & Sweat! Get the body moving, happy hormones flowing & feel uplifted! Grab your trainers & let's go!
Ps. Two left feet very welcome!