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Summer is out and it's time for you and your wellbeing.
Join Sam for...

30 min Zumba

30 min Relaxing Yoga

Special membership offers including gifts

Community, soft drinks & nibbles

Life is busy and finding some much needed 'me time' can be difficult. At Beautifully Balanced in South Derbyshire, Sam is on a mission to help people like you to consistently de-stress, release tension, enjoy movement and find more joy & relaxation.​

What if you could sleep better, ache less, slow down the mind chatter and more uplifted and joyful? If you knew this was possible, would you be doing exactly what you’re doing now or something different? What if in 3 and 6 months time, you felt different to today? I know first hand that it is possible.


Yes, you likely feel apprehensive, like you've lost your flexibility, don't have the best co-ordination and wonder if you are fit enough to get started - it's no problem, show up as you are! Here at Beautifully Balanced we focus on enjoying and feeling good rather than getting everything perfect, nobody is a professional dancer or yoga model, but a friendly group of like minded people coming together to boost our physical and mental wellbeing! 

The Venue & Zoom Yoga Class Timetable



With a range of flexible class options choose from venues in Hilton, Egginton & Mickleover and/or access online on-demand videos or zoom yoga classes from the convenience of your home. Classes from £26 per month.

I've helped many class members improve their wellbeing; from reducing feelings of stress & anxiety, improving back concerns, aiding sleep, increasing fitness & step count, to helping find moments of calm in today's hectic world! Attend with an open mind and focus on how you feel during and after each class - notice the difference. Rather than thinking too much, come and experience it for yourself at the FREE Post Summer Launch Party! 

I care about your health and wellbeing, if there are any conditions you would like to personally discuss in relation to classes now or in the future, please email me.

Whether you are an apprehensive beginner or have some experience you are most welcome.

I look forward to supporting your wellbeing, 

Sam x

To RSVP and receive more details email Sam or complete the contact form by clicking this button

Before participating in any classes you need to complete the quick and easy Online Registration Form



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