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Summer holidays are out and it's time to say

"YES" to you and your wellbeing

Life is busy and finding some much needed 'me time' can be difficult. I am on a mission to help people like you to consistently de-stress, release tension, enjoy movement and find more joy & relaxation.​

What if you could sleep better, ache less, slow down the mind chatter and feel more uplifted and joyful? If you knew this was possible, would you be doing exactly what you’re doing now or something different? What if in 3 and 6 months time, you felt different to today? I know first hand that it is possible.


Perhaps you feel apprehensive, like you've lost your flexibility, don't have the best co-ordination and wonder if you are fit enough to get started - good news, you are in the right place!

At the 25+ classes available per month, we focus on enjoying and feeling good rather than getting everything perfect. You won't find any professional dancers or yoga models here, but you will find a friendly group of like minded people coming together to boost our physical and mental wellbeing! 


I can't wait for you to you to join me at this special launch party where you can try out what we are

about and take your first steps towards making the final part of 2022 the best yet!


Hit the link below to book your space.

Sam x


Timetable & Class Options
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membership offer

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Class Schedule

September Membership Offer

Take out a new membership at the Post Summer Launch Party and get an amazing 2 Weeks FREE trial and a gorgeous gift bag*  (*gift bag = limited availability) 


The memberships are ideal if you really want to make a difference to your physical and mental wellbeing by enjoying 2 or more yoga and/ or zumba classes per week whether that be at venue, on-demand videos or zoom yoga. 


However if you want to do 1 class per week? Go for a class pack. 

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Come and join me

Class Member Comments

Class Booking
Yoga Class Derby and Derbyshire

Nita, Zumba

I was worried I'd make a fool of myself in classes but everyone was great and once I got there I soon realised everyone was there for themselves & no one was worried about what I was doing. I really love how energetic the classes are, the routines are great & the instructions were really easy to follow. I left each class feeling like a got a good workout! 


The classes have been great to make sure I take some time out each week for ‘me time’. It’s something to look forward to doing rather than feeling like I was dragging myself to join, which is how I was feeling about going to the gym! The classes definitely helped my confidence and made me feel open to try more new things

BB Reviews Testimonials.png

Anna, Zumba & Yoga 

I started doing Zumba, as a fun way to exercise and get fit! I was also interested in yoga too, but was initially worried about whether I would be fit enough, and flexible enough.

After attending a taster yoga session with Sam, I found I really enjoyed it - Sam and the other class members made me feel so comfortable. 

Sam is very skilled at making you feel relaxed and guided in and out of each move.

I've found the classes to be welcoming, warm, full of energy and enthusiasm

Untitled design-3.png

Julie, Zumba & Yoga

My first impression of BB yoga classes were that I loved the classes right from the start. Sam gave me the confidence to practice yoga at my own level with different options.

The benefits from yoga and meditation with Sam have been amazing. Along with other self care practices that Sam has led me to has made me feel like my health is in my power to change.

The range of movement in shoulders is now fantastic. I no longer have high blood pressure and can manage stressful situations with Sam's taught breathing techniques and meditation.


Josie, Zumba & Yoga

After a difficult stressful day I reach for the class platform and choose from a wide selection of short to longer Zumba and Yoga sessions to....⁠
- turn my frown into a smile⁠
- look forward to feeling fantastic ⁠
- enjoy my tonic of happiness⁠
- improve my fitness & wellbeing 
- see and chat with Sam & our BB friends/members⁠
- take quality time out for me

Come and join me

Whether you have some yoga or zumba experience or are an apprehensive beginner,

I invite you to book your space for Thursday 1st September.

Sam x

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