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September 19, 2017

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The Benefits of 90 Minute Yoga

September 26, 2017


For me, a 90 minute yoga class is my favourite! It is the perfect class length for a full yoga practice. It gives time to cover a wide variety of poses, working all the key muscles in the body, without rushing.  It allows those practicing to hold each pose long enough to learn to relax into and deepen the posture, gaining greater physical benefits from each pose, which also concentrates the mind. It offers plenty of moments of stillness to be at one with yourself.  


Often people come to class, thinking about what has or will happen in their day, their mind is busy and stressed and consequently the body picks up on this too, often in the form of tension. As people spend time on their mat, focusing on the breath and concentrating on the poses, the mind chatter tends to quieten and the body releases further. By completely a 90 minute class participants can stay in this quiet space for longer, helping the body to be in a state where stress hormones can be reduced and the immune system boosted potentially for longer.


A full yoga sequence can include a; Warm-up, Sun Salutations, Standing Sequence, Standing balances, Seated Sequence, Core work, Arm balances, Back bends, Inversions (head below heart), Savasana (lying still to set the benefits of the class and let the body reset). This cannot all be covered in a 60 minute class with time taken to carefully cue and hold each pose for maximum benefit. Each aspect and it's poses bring with them different benefits, they stretch and strengthen different muscles and allow you to gain a variety of experiences. 


However, for the average week, fitting in a few 90 minute yoga classes of course isn't very realistic. Shorter, 45 minute classes focusing on certain aspects and nice express home videos are excellent tools to get more doses of yoga goodness into the week! 


Finally; imagine, 90 minutes (6% of your day), spent focusing on your mind and body, with no distractions. Tuning in to your breath - the very energy of life, listening to your heart beat, understanding your body and observing your thoughts, whilst improving your well-being. How differently might your day feel? 

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