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Beat the technology slump (& open the chest)!

Opening the chest also helps to counterbalance the slouching that we do in everyday life, particular the tech slump from looking at devices!

When the chest is tight it can feel quite restrictive, in contrast when it is open we can move more freely. The lungs sit inside our rib cage and by creating space in the chest it supports us to breath more fully. I share 4 chest opening poses with images below to help!

In different traditions, such as Ayurveda & Yoga the chest and heart area links to the element of air, the lungs in the chest support the exchange of air and similarly love is said to be all around us just like the air. Chest opening poses are often associated with opening the heart, we often build up an armour and put up walls to protect ourselves, but when we open up to living through love, amazing things can happen and fear can start to reduce.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the lungs and the depth of our breath play an important role in vitality and helping us to process emotions such as grief. When these get trapped inside it can be said that we can find it hard to breath deeply which can impact on our energy levels.

Whether you are into traditional views or not, one things we can be sure of is whether a pose and practice makes us feel good/better/different. And that can only be determined by you! Sometimes that does mean stepping out our comfort zone!

You can join me for some 25-30 minutes chest opening yoga practices on the BB On-Demand Library, a gentle chest opening flow which is November's Bonus 2, (or there’s an energising chest opening practice, October bonus 1).

November'sChest Opening poses include:

(For online class information go here - your first BB class Free, so why not give it a try)!

Seated Cat & Cow - sit cross legged, both palms on chest. Inhale as you open and shine the chest forwards, exhale as you contract and round the back. Repeat 4 times.

Puppy Pose - from table on all 4’s, keep the hips above the knees and walk the hands forwards. Hairline or forehead rests on the mat. As you exhale let the chest melt towards the ground. Hold for 5 breaths.

Sphinx - Lying on your belly, bring the forearms to the mat under the shoulders (or wider to reduce the backbend if you have a sensitive back). Press the big toes and hips down, press the forearms down whilst extending through the spine. Relax the buttocks a little. Take 5 breaths and release slowly down. Take a Childs pose to stretch the back!

Fish - laying down on your back, place the hands under the bum and bring the elbows in towards the body/waist. Press into the forearms and gently life the head coming onto the crown. Keep pressing the chest up towards the ceiling. Hold for 5 breaths. To release tuck the chin and melt the back to the mat. Slight lift hips to release hands. Look a bit advanced?? Starfish option also available!

I hope this post was useful. No experience is required to join my classes, I will guide you in and out of all of the poses and do give option such as starfish instead of the more advanced 'fish' pose above!

For online class information go here - your first BB class Free, so why not give it a try!


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