July Class News!

Covid-19 July Update (as of 25th June 2020)

It's crazy how we are almost half way through the year, having been in this covid-19 world for the past 3 months! Although the lock down is easing here in England, there still hasn't been the go ahead for indoor classes and certain measures would need to be put in place to ensure social distancing and safety of you and myself. Therefore I plan to keep the timetable all on Zoom in July, but with some new package options including pre-recorded on-demand yoga classes! Subject to technology and weather, I may venture outdoors and live stream from there where a handful of you could join me also.

July Class Packages

It's been evident from those people that have joined me online so far that many of you have really felt the benefits of increasing the number of classes that you attend. I know for others it's hard to commit to class times but you are missing your dose of BB. I've had some interest in pre-recorded videos so that you can do the classes you enjoy around your schedule.

Therefore (after getting to grips a bit more with technology), I am happy to announce there are 3 Class Packages in July; Bronze, Silver & Gold. Details explained below.

Bronze Package: Pre-Recorded On-Demand Yoga

This package is great if you want to practice Yoga in your own time, any day and time of the week. With 2 full yoga sequences per week and mini yoga, meditation and breathing classes for when you’re short on time and need a pause, this package will help you to have a consistent at home practice based around your schedule. Bronze full details & purchase here.

Silver Package: Unlimited Live Yoga & Zumba via Zoom

This package is ideal if you want to stick to the routine of scheduled classes from the BB Timetable (30+ to choose from) and enjoy the practice with me and everyone else in our virtual Zoom Studio all moving at the same time! (This is the same popular unlimited class package offered in April - June)! Silver full details & purchase here. July class dates here.

Gold Package: Enjoy the benefits of both the Bronze & Silver Package combined. Whether there is a scheduled Zoom Yoga or Zumba class you want to attend or you want to practice a Yoga video on a day or time of your choice, this package offers ultimate flexibility. Gold full details & purchase here.

Refer a friend offer: get £10 off any one of the 3 July packages for you and a friend or family member* You can receive £10 off for every new referral that buys a package, up to the value of your package - email me for your discount codes! (*the friend or family member must be a new BB class member)

Important: Please book July classes on my website. This is a temporary booking solution. If you want to book a selection of class days across the month that isn't available on this link, please do send me an email and I will send you your bespoke class links.

In July, these packages will utilise the technology of Zoom and private YouTube links not available to the public. Check out my Autumn details below for a new platform coming soon!

Although recorded Zumba might be available in the future, I need to do further research re licenses and recording quality to make this a potential offering!

Supporting You

Listening to your comments and feedback over the last few months, I hear you when you tell me:

~ you'd love more time for yourself

~ space to do things you enjoy

~ to feel more relaxed and less stressed

~ that juggling commitments can be challenging

~ that yoga significantly improves your wellbeing

~ release tension and most commonly, back aches and pains

Life can soon fill up our day if we don't make space for ourselves! The weeks I spend way too many hours working and let my own yoga practices slip soon build into anxiety and stress and then the last thing I can imagine is slowing down, even though I know it's exactly what I need! I hope these additional packages will offer greater flexility and meet your needs!

Autumn Plans

With the success of the Live Zoom classes, I am super excited because I am committing to providing you with a streamlined BB Platform in early Autumn that will offer the facility to book venue classes, live zoom classes and on-demand video content in our very own 'Netflix Style' BB Video Library. There will be a range of re-occuring memberships also that will enable you to automatically access various classes and content, providing flexibility and value for money. I love the online classes and I know some of you actually prefer them, so there will be a hybrid of class types moving forwards once venues are available!

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