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Zumba & Macmillan August Dance Challenge

Hi I'm Sam,

I would love to share my passion for Zumba dance with you! The uplifting songs have really helped to shift my mood over the years and give me something to look forward to and help to keep my physically fit at the same time! If you haven't moved for a while that's ok, ease yourself in like I had to do a few year back after a foot operation had me out of action for some time!

Macmillan are running a dance challenge asking you to commit to dancing 20 minutes a day for Macmillan, whether it be following along to a dance tutorial, joining an in person dance class of your choice or dancing to your favourite playlist while cooking.

Zumba is a great way to dance, have fun and have someone to follow along to. With absolutely nothing to think about and the great songs continuing to play, your 20 minutes will fly by. This August you can get 5 x 20 minute Zumba videos to use at your leisure until the end of August for just £10 to help you complete the challenge.

A few tips:

Listen to your energy levels - to reduce the impact, you can step out any jumps and keep the arms below the shoulders.

Hit pause and take a drinks break whenever you need to.

Safety: Please ensure your flooring is clear to avoid any slips and trips! Ensure you bend the knees for any jumps to avoid jarring the knee joints.

Disclaimer: You are practicing Zumba at your own risk. Please ensure you have adequate floor space and that you are healthy and well to practice. If you experience any pain please stop the class. Listen to your own body, you know it best.

If there's anything I can do to support you let me know.

Sam x


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