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Yoga & Zumba Classes in Hilton & Mickleover

Try your first Yoga & Zumba class for FREE!

NEWS! Sam is returning to teach all classes from Tuesday 4th June 2024.

Get £5 off Zumba & Yoga Combo with discount code SHINE until 13th June.

Book your space today!

Life can get busy and stressful, and our 45 minute classes help you take some time just for you! At Beautifully Balanced in South Derbyshire, I am on a mission to help people like you to regularly de-stress, release physical tension, enjoy movement and find more joy & relaxation. 

Our venues are Hilton Village Hall & Mickleover Pavillion in South Derby and/or you can access on-demand videos or Zoom yoga classes from the convenience of your home. Classes start at £9 PAYG or £30 monthly.

Zumba will help you to boost your cardio fitness in a fun way and our relaxing Yoga classes helps to release physical and mental tension and improve your joint mobility and balance. Combined they are the perfect combo!

What if you could sleep better, ache less, slow down the mind chatter and feel more uplifted? If you knew this was possible, would you be doing exactly what you’re doing now or something different? What if in 3 and 6 months time, you felt different to today? Rather than thinking too much, you only need to know the first step, to book a FREE trial Zumba & Yoga class and show up for your new self!

Yoga & Zumba Timetable Derby
First class FREE

June 24 class timetable with Sam.png
zumba yoga hilton mickleover derby.png
Class Schedule

How to book your first FREE Yoga & Zumba classes
at Hilton Village Hall or Mickleover Pavillion

Access classes on the purple button below! 

Go to the menu and....

a) Create an account

b) Select your chosen class on the schedule and press book

c) Use the Free pass

d) Receive your class confirmation email

**Remember you can try both Zumba & Yoga for FREE, simply repeat the steps above**

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Class Booking

Yoga & Zumba in Derby Class Prices

First Yoga & Zumba class FREE

Get £5 off Zumba & Yoga Combo with discount code SHINE until 13th June

Zumba and Yoga Hilton Mickleover Derby Derbyshire Prices.png

Class Descriptions

Zumba - a fun filled 45 minute, dance based cardio workout, to amazing latin and international tunes. Each playlist is carefully composed to offer variety and the chance to express yourself in different ways. It will get your heart pumping and your feet moving (even if you think you have two left feet)!  

Uplifting Flow - a mind-body practice that incorporates the breath, poses (asanas) and relaxation. Each class is designed to build strength, improve balance, support back health and leave you feeling calm and uplifted. Different options will be provided to cater for a mix of abilities, including beginners.

De-Stress Yoga - a gentle mind-body practice to de-stress at the end of the day. Each class is designed to ease physical and mental tension through the breath, yoga poses and relaxation. Stretch out the body, support back health, soothe the nervous system and wind down for the evening. Different options will be provided to cater for a mix of abilities, including beginners. Known to support a good nights sleep!

  • Can I try classes before I commit?
    Yes - you can try a yoga class and a zumba class each for Free. Follow the First Free Classes instructions on this page to book on. I recommend trying both, even if you think you have no co-ordination or flexibility!
  • Do I need to come to the same class(es) each week?
    No - you have the flexibility to book any zumba / yoga venue class on the schedule (or enjoy an on-demand video at a time to suit you).
  • Is there a membership minimum commitment?
    I'm confident that you will enjoy your membership and feel the benefits of consistent classes, however there is no minimum term - easy and risk free! Simply contact Sam to cancel before your next payment.
  • I have a health condition and I'm not sure if classes are for me
    Sam will happily discuss this with you. Please get in touch with Sam via email ( or call or WhatsApp 07483290030😊

Class Member Comments

Yoga Class Derby and Derbyshire

Nita, Zumba

I was worried I'd make a fool of myself in classes but everyone was great and once I got there I soon realised everyone was there for themselves & no one was worried about what I was doing. I really love how energetic the classes are, the routines are great & the instructions were really easy to follow. I left each class feeling like a got a good workout! 


The classes have been great to make sure I take some time out each week for ‘me time’. It’s something to look forward to doing rather than feeling like I was dragging myself to join, which is how I was feeling about going to the gym! The classes definitely helped my confidence and made me feel open to try more new things


Amy, Yoga

I was achy and had muscle tightness, so wanted to help improve that and my general posture and flexibility. 

My first impression was the relaxed and friendly atmosphere with no pressure to perform the poses perfectly and it was a good time to fit around the children. 

I feel generally stronger and get to take some time out to relax. 

I started skiing again with my family 4 years ago. The first couple of times I got a lot of aches/muscle pain whilst skiing but after doing weekly yoga this had really improved


Josie, Zumba & Yoga

After a difficult stressful day I reach for the class platform and choose from a wide selection of short to longer Zumba and Yoga sessions to....⁠
- turn my frown into a smile⁠
- look forward to feeling fantastic ⁠
- enjoy my tonic of happiness⁠
- improve my fitness & wellbeing 
- see and chat with Sam & our BB friends/members⁠
- take quality time out for me

Untitled design-3.png

Claire, Yoga

I was keen to try yoga.

My first impressions were the calm relaxed environment and easy to understand instructions even for complex positions.


Committing to classes for a full month is easy now we can do on demand classes too. 

That 45 minutes of ‘me’ time once a week is a real life saver, a short break from everyday stresses is exactly what I was looking for.


Physically it helps to ease the stress I carry in my body, especially my shoulders, and lower back, my pain has definitely improved.


It’s also improved my sleep quality. My flexibility and core strength have both improved along with my understanding of the way my body works and moves.

Come and join our Yoga & Zumba classes
 in Hilton & Mickleover, Derby

We've helped many class members improve their wellbeing; from reducing feelings of stress & anxiety, improving back concerns, aiding sleep, increasing fitness & step count, to helping find moments of calm in today's hectic world! Attend with an open mind and focus on how you feel during and after each class - notice the difference.  Why not give it a try?

I care about your health and wellbeing, if there are any conditions you would like to personally discuss in relation to classes now or in the future, please email me or discuss at class.

Whether you have some experience or are an apprehensive beginner,

I look forward to welcoming you & supporting your wellbeing,

Sam x

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