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At Beautifully Balanced (BB) I help stressed people with busy minds to find more movement, joy & relaxation through yoga, zumba dance, wellbeing workshops and ayurvedic massage, creating a space that supports both physical & mental wellbeing in today’s hectic world.


BB core values:

  • promote self awareness, value and respect

  • empower individuals to choose what feels good for them 

  • encourage non-judgement and acceptance

  • support a sense of gratitude

  • build awareness of body and mind

  • inspire a sense of long-term transformation

  • foster a BB community spirit

  • work with nature and the seasons

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Beautifully Balanced can provide you with some space for YOU. Come and join us on your yoga mat, where things slow down and calmness can be found. Whatever your reason; to reduce stress, relieve tension, tone-up, increase joint motion, improve strength, relieve a sore back or the many other health benefits - there's a yoga class to suit your needs - choose from Yoga Flow, Wind Down Yoga, Yin Yoga or Intermediate Flow. 


In beautiful contrast; get those feet moving, your heart pumping and happy hormones racing, by joining us for a fun filled Zumba class, full of energising tunes guaranteed to lift your spirits! Come and let your hair down and lose yourself in the amazing music! Switch off and have some fun!

Forget about looking perfect, these classes are about doing what FEELS GOOD! Combine Zumba with Yoga and experience the amazing benefits of both! 


I am very aware how important health is; after suffering with high levels of stress, low energy, anxiety, depression, IBS, migraines and speech problems for many years, I just couldn't seem to get better. However in 2015, I started speech and language therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, which created a turning point. Through these appointments I began to learn how interlinked my mind and emotions were to my physical health.

After being prescribed some neck and jaw stretches and really feeling the difference, I decided to give yoga a go...I thought perhaps my whole body could feel better if it was stretched too. Within 12 months of starting yoga, my IBS symptoms were no longer a problem and I'd stopped taking my migraine tablets, I hadn't lost my voice, my anxiety condition was more manageable and I had significantly more energy - I hadn't felt this good in years! This was a huge turning point and I still have to pinch myself to believe how different my life is now! 

Since then I have focused on managing stress, which has a huge impact on my physical and mental wellbeing. I have done a lot of inner work, re-written old limiting beliefs and I'm always evolving my wellbeing 'toolbox'. I now feel empowered to cope with life's challenges as they arise! I am a keen believer in simple but consistent lifestyle choices to reap big health benefits. I like to take my lead from nature and Ayurveda (the sister science to yoga),  and you will find aspects of this sprinkled throughout my yoga classes and workshops.


I enjoyed going to Zumba classes even through some of my most difficult times, they were always a good pick me up once I'd got there! Focusing on the routines and the awesome music, gives me a chance to switch off from the everyday mind-chatter, whilst moving my body and having a bit of fun, reminding me to not take life too seriously! I became a certified Zumba instructor back in 2014 and I still love it today! It makes me feel ALIVE!

I couldn't imagine a life without Yoga! Yoga has significantly increased my body and mind awareness, enabling me to manage aches and pains and improve my sleep patterns. It gives me confidence as I feel my strength and courage improve and gives me some space to focus on myself and go inside. It helps me to calm my thoughts and live more in the present moment (rather than in my head)! After feeling the many benefits, it soon became a part of my daily life - going to classes and doing self-practice at home, whilst applying what I learn on the mat to aid everyday life.


Yoga & Zumba balance each other beautifully. Both offering something different but both leave the body and mind feeling SOO good!


I am always learning and my main trainings include:

~A range of Zumba licenses & trainings, including Virtual Pro

~200 hour Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Certification (Goa, India)

~300 hour Ayurveda & TCM, Yin & Yang Yoga Certification (Dharamshala, India)

~Ayurvedic Holistic Massage Therapist

~Yoga Nidra Facilitator

~Level 2 Reiki Practitioner

Read about my yoga training experience in Goa here. 


My background is in business and teaching, having worked for the NHS, Toyota and leading colleges in Derby. I am not someone who lives a life of complete bliss and harmony. What I am is a woman living in this constantly changing world, learning to live a happy, authentic lifestyle, focusing on adapting and re-aligning to feel 'beautifully balanced' every day, week, month and year.


Through Beautifully Balanced, I hope to share with you my best strategies that I personally use; either through my podcast, on the mat, learning to feel free and have fun in a Zumba class or through a personalised massage treatment! I've already helped hundreds of people and I truly hope that my offerings will be of some benefit to you.

I share this part of me to connect with that part of you, 

Sam x

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