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De-Stress Breathwork Challenge 

Breathwork: the ultimate reset button for mind, body and soul

Monday 1st April - Sunday 14th April 2024

Join Sam inside this FREE 2 week challenge via a Whatsapp group and harness the healing power of your breath, one day at a time

Commit at least 2 minutes a day and rediscover your untapped superpower

Challenge Schedule

Say Yes!

Change comes by making new choices and taking action. Have fun, come together with like minded people and gain some accountability to help you along the way


Doors to this Breathwork challenge close on Friday 29th March and we will begin together with an audio clip from Sam in the WhatsApp group on Monday 1st April

Don't sit on the fence about whether to join - be decisive - is it a Yes or a No?


If it's a Yes, I shall see you inside - sign up below!

Elevate your well-being with each mindful breath – it's the ultimate self-care practice

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