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zumba and yoga classes hilton

Thursday Zumba & Yoga Launch Party
at Hilton Village Hall

Thursday 7th March 7-8:30pm


You are invited to our FREE Zumba & Yoga launch party on Thursday 7th March 7-8:30pm at Hilton Village Hall, try Zumba or Yoga or even better both!

7 - 7:30pm Zumba with Sam - ideal to get moving, your heart pumping and have fun!

7:30 - 8pm Enjoy cake, chat, exclusive membership offers and prize draws

8 - 8:30pm Wind Down Yoga with Sam & Debbie - stretch and release physical and mental stress

Worried you don't have the co-ordination and fitness for Zumba or the flexibility​ for Yoga? Honestly, if you go the wrong way you can laugh it off and I suggest if you are building up your fitness that you begin stepping out the Zumba routines and make the movements smaller. You don't need to be flexible to start yoga, your flexibility will increase over time - making daily life easier!

Zumba and Yoga are the perfect combo to boost your cardio fitness, get in some steps and then stretch out, wind down and really relax! However, if you don't want to stay for the whole launch party, come 7-8pm for Zumba only and 7:30-8:30pm for Yoga only.

From 14th March these classes will be 7-7:45pm Zumba and 7:50-8:35pm Wind Down Yoga. These local classes are ideal to prioritise some time for you and de-stress, because work and family commitments can take over, leading to burnout if we aren't careful!

I can't wait for you to you to join us at this special launch party on Thursday 7th March

at Hilton Village Hall.

Press the link below to secure your space now.

Sam x

Class Schedule

I started doing Zumba, as a fun way to exercise and get fit! I was also interested in yoga too, but was initially worried about whether I would be fit enough, and flexible enough.

After attending a taster yoga session, I found I really enjoyed it!

I've found the classes to be welcoming, warm, full of energy and enthusiasm. - Anna

Come and join us in Hilton

Book your space for Thursday 7th March now before they fill up.

I can't wait to move together and feel uplifted - see you there!

Sam x

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