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Life is busy and finding some much needed 'me time' can be difficult. Sam at Beautifully Balanced, in South Derbyshire, is on a mission to help people like you to consistently de-stress, release tension, enjoy movement and find more relaxation. 


Sam offers convenient, Yoga & Zumba classes, making it easier to form part of your weekly routine.

A range of popular 45 minute classes (and other options also available from 10 - 75 mins) to fit around your schedule!

- All classes currently online via zoom and on-demand video library

- From July 2021, venue and live streamed class, Yoga Flow Wednesday 7-8pm at Egginton Village Hall

- From September 2021, a hybrid of online options & classes in Hilton, Mickleover and Egginton in South Derbyshire

Class Descriptions

Zumba - a fun filled 45 minute, dance based cardio workout, to amazing latin and international tunes. Each playlist is carefully composed to offer variety and the chance to express yourself in different ways. It will get your heart pumping and your feet moving (even if you think you have two left feet)!  

Yoga Flow - a mind-body practice that incorporates the breath, postures (asanas) and relaxation. Each class is designed to build heat, strength and improve balance, whilst leaving you feeling calm and serene. Different options will be provided to cater for a mix of abilities, including beginners.

Wind Down Yoga - a gentle body and mind practice. Each class is designed to stretch out the body and quieten the mind, helping you to release any tension and wind down for the evening. Different options will be provided to cater for a mix of abilities, including beginners. Known to support a good nights sleep!

Monthly Yin Yoga - Gently release, let go and melt into each pose for a few minutes, with the option to use cushions to support you. Only by holding poses does the deeper connective tissues & energetic holds in the body get released. This is the perfect compliment to other BB yoga classes. 

Intermediate Yoga (on-demand only) - builds on the Yoga Flow class and explores different transitions between familiar poses, plus a few new poses for fun! Suited to those with some yoga experience.

Class Prices & Memberships

First class FREE (or try both Yoga & Zumba for just £5)

Classes from £5.50 each via monthly Class Packs

Best value = BB memberships

How to book your classes

Access classes on the purple button below! 

Go to the menu and....

a) Create an account

b) Select the First Free class pass (op 1 or 2) or buy your pass or membership (in purchase/class pass)

c) Book a live class (via schedule) or go to the on-demand library

I've helped many class members improve their wellbeing; from reducing feelings of stress & anxiety, improving back concerns, aiding sleep, increasing fitness & step count, to helping find moments of calm in today's hectic world! Attend with an open mind and focus on how you feel during and after each class - notice the difference.  Why not give it a try?

I care about your health and wellbeing, if there are any conditions you would like to personally discuss in relation to classes now or in the future, please email me or discuss at class.

Whether you have some experience or are an apprehensive beginner, I look forward to welcoming you & supporting your wellbeing,



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