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Hi, I'm Sam. I am so happy that you are here, welcome to Beautifully Balanced!
I share holistic approaches to help empower you to manage stress & improve your holistic wellbeing in todays busy world. After transforming my own health since 2015, through the tools of yoga, dance (zumba) and Ayurvedic massage, I am extremely passionate about sharing these practices with you, because I have experienced the life changing benefits first-hand! 
I invite you to join me at my range of accessible Yoga & Zumba Dance Classes (online & venue), Wellbeing Workshops or for personalised 1:1 Ayurvedic Massage & Yoga.
You can also join me for holistic conversations on The Beautifully Balanced Podcast.
Stress, Health and Healing
Stress is a significant problem globally and has an impact on soo much of our health (mind & body) and therefore greatly impacts on our quality of life. When we are stressed long-term, the body & mind are functioning in survival mode (fight or flight) and this limits vital functions such as digestion, the ability relaxing the body & mind and gain restful sleep.
Like running a car with the foot to the floor, eventually the body & mind start to signal that they are out of balance. For me this showed up as; migraines, insomnia, anxiety, depression, speech problems, aches & pains and chronic digestive issues.
Usually, the body wants to maintain its optimal health and has a large capacity to heal, and when we incorporate practices such as; yoga, dance & massage into our regular lifestyle, it gives the body & mind a helping hand!
Often we can feel like we can't change many of the stressful factors around us, but we can definitely control our inner environment and build up a wellbeing toolbox to utilise to keep us on balance. When we feel less stressed and are working towards improving or sustaining health, this helps to raise our vibration and experience more joy in our life, and spread it to those around us!
The Short Story
By managing stress and living a more balanced lifestyle I now life a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life.
You can find out more about my health story in 'about'. 
Yoga Class
Yoga & Zumba Dance Classes
Helping busy people to enjoy movement, de-stress & find some regular time for themselves. Available Online & in Derby/Derbyshire venues.
Meditation Class
Wellbeing Workshops
Helping you to slow down & combine holistic approaches for deeper relaxation & inner healing
Acupressure Neck Massage
Holistic Therapies
Just for you - personalised Ayurvedic massages & yoga to bring harmony to body & mind, in Mickleover, Derby
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The Beautifully Balanced Podcast
Explore holistic approaches to support your wellbeing in today's hectic world
Organized Desk
BB Retreats
Sharing holistic ideas & insights to support your wellbeing
Yoga Class for all Ages
Start Here
See what real clients have to say about their Beautifully Balanced experience
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