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YOGA...You know it's going to be good for you but you may not know any of the poses. That's ok, because I will guide you in and out of each pose and give some options. Whilst you need to follow my guidance, the most important things is to listen to your own body - because you know it best, practice choosing what's best for you in the moment! It can be very common to feel nervous and unsure of what to expect. Let me tell you, nobody is a yoga model! Show up for YOU and feel the benefits! 
Explore the live class timetable or on-demand video library and choose Yoga Flow if you want to calmly stretch and strengthen, and Wind Down Yoga if you want to stretch, release and relax. Access the BB class platform here.
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ZUMBA.... You've heard it's good fun, but you worry about a lack of co-ordination. Luckily, perfection isn't required, our classes are about keeping moving, having fun, enjoying the music and dancing together! It can be common to feel nervous and unsure of what to expect, the hardest bit is showing up! Once you are focusing on the music you won't have chance to think about anything else, such as what the person next to you is doing! And besides online - you get a front row spot all to yourself!  
Check out the live class timetable or on-demand video options, access the BB class platform here.
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You may feel you don't have time for you, but your health is a huge priority and will impact every aspect of your life. Book a regular wellbeing slot in your diary and take your first step to showing up for you! Nobody else will do it for you! When you consistently show up that's when the real long term benefits happen! Do you want to show up for yourself with a weekly class? Do you want to do a number of classes to boost your relaxation/energy/calmness/fitness? 
Find the most convenient class(es) on the timetable or schedule in time for an on-demand video (make an appointment with yourself), hop over to the BB class platform now. Take that first step TODAY!
Energising Wake Up Yoga Flow (nov bonus) awaken your body & mind in the morning or give yourself a boost during the day (also see instabook description)
Shoulder & Chest Opening
Relaxing Yoga (nov bonus)
Feel relief from slumped shoulders as we create space and open out to improve posture and breath with more ease 
Opening the chest also helps to counterbalance the slouching that we do in everyday life, particular the tech slump from looking at devices!
When the chest is tight it can feel quite restrictive, in contrast when it is open we can move more freely. The lungs sit inside our rib cage and by creating space in the chest it supports us to breath more fully.
Zumba: Uplifting 15 min class 
Sharing holistic ideas & insights to support your wellbeing
Mini Marma Face Massage
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