Episode 1: Welcome! My Holistic Health Story

Welcome to The Beautifully Balanced Podcast. I am your host, elemental yoga teacher Samantha Dinnage. Join me as we explore holistic approaches to find more balance in today's hectic world. I invite you to follow me on Facebook and instagram with the user name at The Beautifully Balanced Podcast.

Hi, in a big, big warm welcome to Episode 1 of The Beautifully Balanced Podcast, I'm Sam, a yoga teacher in the UK who's passionate about holistic wellbeing, I decided to re training yoga with a focus on chakras. Ia Vader in traditional Chinese medicine, along with becoming a rake, a practitioner after getting burnt out, is a secondary school teacher. After some chronic health problems, I started my journey of recovery in 2015 and I've been using a range of ballistic tools to help me to manage anxiety, depression, IBS, speech problems and migraines. And I haven't felt this good for a long time, and I have more energy. I feel happier and I'm enjoying life so much more, and I feel like I finally found my purpose here in the yoga and holistic wellbeing world, so stay until the end to listen to my current three favourite holistic habit that I want to share with you.

So, The Beautifully Balanced Podcast, I've been thinking about this for a while and what exactly I want to share. So hopefully it's going to be of some interest to you. I'm gonna be offering personal tips, holistic tools and bring in specialist guests to shine some light on topics such as sleep, yoga, money, mindset, three to food, and a whole host of other things in between. I'm a strong believer that everyone is individual and unique. So I heard that you can take from it what you need to empower you to support your own wellbeing journey.

So a little bit about my story, if I rewind back 10 years to 2009, my health really wasn't in a good place. I remember every morning standing in the kitchen, being bent over with stomach pains. My head would be absolutely banging, I had some terrible sinus infections and ended up having surgery, and I definitely definitely struggled to sleep. I would be lying awake with pains all through my body and getting up to go to the bathroom. And well, my mind would just be racing mess, living on on that same cycle, work - home - work and I felt exhausted every single day.

Fast forward to 2015 and had actually lost my voice several times, which I thought must be something to do wit