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Episode 26: Becoming Vegan with Nat Skinner

With Veganuary coming up, it felt the ideal time to record this episode and share it with you!

Our special guest is Nat Skinner, from Wild Oak Holistics in Derbyshire, who shares with us her passion for nature and her story behind becoming vegan. A down to earth, truthful conversation about the benefits she has gained since becoming vegan, along with some of the challenges she’s faced too. Find out some amazing top tips to bring more vegan options into your life if you feel inspired to! As a mum of three, it turns out Nat has to hide her vegan cheese from one of her sons!

Listen whilst taking a walk, writing Christmas cards, washing up, in the car or over a cuppa; go directly to episode 26 on The Beautifully Balanced webpage, or search for The Beautifully Balanced Podcast in your favourite podcast player (apple podcast/google play/spotify/amazon) - or ask Alexa to play The Beautifully Balanced Podcast!

Here's some inspiring quotes from the episode

  • "I had a bit of a mental block because I loved cheese, chocolate, bacon, chicken, fast foods and burgers..."

  • "The longer I've stuck at it people realised it's not a fad....people have got more supportive over time"

  • "It's changed my tastebuds and make me more adventurous..... I have no guilt about what I'm eating."

  • "Being vegan has opened my eyes to a more sustainable lifestyle..buying less...simple living...I appreciate nature more"

  • "We try and stay away from anything that can harm living beings...It started to make me think about what I was putting in my body"

  • "Supermarkets have such a good selection now... especially when clearly labelled"

I hope it's insightful for you, thanks for listening!

Sam x

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