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Episode 48: Managing Stress This Christmas.

In this episode I wanted to talk about managing stress during the festive season.

Christmas is undoubtedly a magical time of year but, it can also be stressful!

Whilst it can be a joyful and exciting time, there's also lots to organize and think about.

To help you to make the most of the 'holiday' In my latest podcast, I have put together my best tips to help you to manage the stress and feel good!

The excitement, stress and anxiety levels can increase around Christmas, which can also result in an increase in adrenalin in the body. This will make your heart beat faster, send more blood to your muscles and prime you for action. This is great to give you a boost and enjoy yourself at a party, but not ideal if you feel like you are restless and on high alert the entire festive period!

To help me to manage stress, one of the most simple and effective things I find to be helpful is focusing on the breath. Deep belly breathing requires us to come down out of our thinking and bring our attention into the body by focusing on our breath and the movement in the stomach.

Another tip is to notice if we are starting to feel irritable or frustrated, to take some time out to ourselves. We are often socializing and spending a lot more time with friends and family during the Christmas period. Something as small as a 10 minute walk around the block, going for a long shower or a bath, or even what might be a mundane task like washing the pots can be a pause.

The key is to find something that gives you some time out by yourself to grab those few quiet moments when you need them.

If you would like to read more of my tips for managing stress over Christmas, You can listen to the full episode here.

It’s important to pause and recognize how you feel and practice understanding what you need in the moment.

Thank you for reading. Wishing you a wonderful and relaxed Christmas.



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