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Episode 49: How You Talk To Yourself Matters

In this episode I want to talk all about affirmations.

What do you think when you hear affirmations such as..

“I am calm and collected”

"I live life with ease” or

“Power is within me”

Perhaps you think hell yeah, I need some of that positivity in my life!

Or maybe you're thinking what the heck is the point, none of that is true!

Here's a sneak peak of what's discussed in the full episode..

What actually is an affirmation?

The word affirmation means “to make firm”. It asserts that something is true. It could be repeated silently in our minds, out-load or it may be written down too.

An affirmation is essentially a desire, it is something we would like to experience in our own life.

It may be about less stress and more calm, so instead of thinking “I am stressed and overwhelmed” you might think “I am calm and grounded”.

And yes, if you’re a sceptic I get it, I used to be this way!

How can I introduce affirmations into my life?

In short, there is no right or wrong way, whatever appeals to you.

You can say them silently perhaps linked to a daily activity such as brushing your teeth. Or you can say them out loud, you could write them down and place somewhere you will see it, or you might write it down in a journal as I most often do.

If you enjoy or want to try meditation, you could set a timer for 1-10 minutes and repeat the affirmation in your mind.

Listen to the full episode to discover..

- The impact of affirmations on our mental chatter

- How affirmations can boost your mood

- Why affirmations are effective

- Whether affirmations are spiritual

- Ideas for getting started with affirmations

If you are reading this as the podcast has just been released and we’ve just entered a New Year, this seems like the ideal time to try using affirmations if you are on the fence about them.

Thank you for reading. You can listen to the full episode here.



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