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Episode 64: Rocking Menopause & Midlife with Mairi Taylor

This weeks blog is inspired by a recent conversation with Mairi "Menopause Rockstar" Taylor, a wellbeing coach supporting you through peri-menopause and menopause. Mairi empowers you through midlife to honour, accept & love yourselves as you are. Helping you to work with your menstrual cycles and move from frazzled to fabulous and come home to yourself!

Life has evolved since Mairi was a guest on The BB Podcast over 2 years ago and whilst essential oils are still a big part of her life, a pivotal moment sparked a deeper curiosity, reflection and way of being that has seen Mairi thrive and honour the person she is today.

Mairi is passionate to change the story around menopause and to use it as a catalyst for positive transformation. Mairi utilises a number of holistic tools to help folk retire "superwomen" and live a life on their terms. Mairi share's her recent journey of diving deeper and tapping into the emotional and spiritual journey through mid-life and the menopause as well as working practically to embrace and honour this next chapter of life.

Mairi is on a mission to change the stigma and negative thoughts surrounding the menopause and the peri-menopause by empowering women to feel their best during this transitional time whilst creating a safe space. She shares her mantra of 'free to be me' that she is so passionate to explore and share with others whilst encouraging women to openly explore who they truly want to be and how they can live their truth moving forwards.

Some of the common struggles Mairi shares that she regularly sees women facing whilst navigating through their journeys of the peri-menopause and the menopause moves further than the physical symptoms that are more well-known. Mairi goes on to share that there is often a lot of fear and anxiety surrounding the menopause, there is not enough support or knowledge easily available and many women may feel worried and unsupported through this time. Often many will believe that the only medication available to support them at this time is HRT, but there are so many other natural methods available.

Aromatherapy oils and remedies can be wonderful for calming and de-stressing benefits. Supporting your liver, gut and internal health by following ayurvedic principles and making small changes to your daily dietary habits can assist with your moods and balancing the blood sugar levels. As well as focusing on your water intake and sleep habits, could there be changes you could make to slow down slightly and add in some time for self-care?

Many of us also don't realise quite how much pressure we place on ourselves to consistently keep the plates spinning at all times. Mairi describes herself as a 'reformed people pleaser' I think many of this can relate to this! In her new coaching programme, The Calling, Mairi works to allow others to tap into different power types and explore methods and tools we can implement on a daily basis to work with our changing cycles and explore who we really are. Creating an empowering, safe space to share the journey with likeminded people and allow us all to really feel seen and heard. Mairi also thrives from helping others to accept the natural life process and all the changes they are experiencing by honoring the process along the way.

Do you struggle to put yourself first? Mairi goes on to describe the importance of selfcare and easy methods we can all begin to incorporate into our lives. It doesn't need to be a large, extravagant gesture, it could be something as simple as cooking yourself a meal you really enjoy or taking that time for yourself to enjoy a warm drink. Give yourself the credit and a round of applause for everything you've achieved and remember how worthy you are. Life is busy and it can be easy to put our own selfcare and well-being at the bottom of the pile, don't forget that being the best versions of ourselves allows us to be the best version for all of those around us.

Finally, I asked Mairi what methods she follows to help her stay balanced in our often hectic and busy world. Her answer was simple and powerful- she put's all the appointments for herself in her diary first, and fills everything around it. The power of prioritising.

If you would like to listen in to the 50 minute podcast conversation with Mairi, you can click here to listen in now.

If you would like to connect with Mairi or learn more, you can visit her Instagram here, or website here. You can also find out more about Mairi's coaching programme - 'The Calling' here.

I hope you have enjoyed reading,

Love Sam x

P.S- click here to listen to the podcast episode here!


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