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Lockdown Wellbeing

  1. Focus on what you can do

Whilst it can be sad and challenging that we cannot currently do the things that we are used to doing, it's important to recognise the things that we can do in order to feel more balanced. Some of those things are included below.

2. Be grateful for 3 things every day

There are soo many studies into the effect of a gratitude attitude. When we become thankful and grateful for all that we do have in our lives, it can helps to reduce stress & anxiety, give us a greater connection with others and the world, and even inflammatory markers can do down. Whether it's doing a gratitude journal or pausing asking yourself "what am I grateful for today?" Why not give it a try and notice how you feel?! My husband and I listed 3 things we were grateful for at the end of the day last weekend and it felt pretty good!

3. Play your favourite music for a mood boost

Remember hearing your favourite song on the radio or at a wedding and feeling excited?! Music really can have a big impact on how we feel! So get your favourite songs on; whether it's in the car, whilst washing up, in the shower or any other opportunity! Let the music lift you up and move you mood! Zumba music is also great for this! What's your favourite feel good song?

4. Join online classes and communities

So many online offerings have started up since lockdown, the GP surgery, book clubs and of course my very own Beautifully Balanced online zumba + yoga classes and wellbeing workshops! Training providers have switched online and it can be the ideal opportunity to learn something new. Being part of the BB online community certainly helps me to feel less isolated during the past few months!

5. Organise a walk with a friend

Here in England we are currently allowed to meet with one person in a public space, so it's a great opportunity to get outdoors and find a bit of nature, whether that's some fields or your local park. To have a chat, to take in some air and get some daylight on the skin. Although I'm out regularly walking my dog, having that social interaction on someone on our walks certainly gives me a boost and some connection, which is wonderful :) But I know if I don't plan it in, it won't happen so organising ahead is key!

6. Notice nature changing an evolving

Open your eyes and really look around you, what can you see at ground level, at body height, up above? Take a moment to take it in and experience the moment. Nature is always evolving and changing and it can be wonderful to see the life cycle of the plants, the squirrels seems to be very active right now near my home and sometimes I get soaked through. Each day nature can provide us with a new experience if we are open to seeing it, whether it's outside or pausing to look out of the window. What moment of joy can you find in nature today? take it a step further and tune into all our your senses.

7. Call or message someone and let them know you're thinking of them

Contacting someone might just take their day! Let someone know you are thinking of them, that they are important to you, that you look forward to seeing them when you can. Whatever you want to say, send it with kindness and love and keep the channels of communication open :)

8. Focus on self-care, be kind to yourself

For some of us our the daily routines have slowed down, which can feel very different. For some they are busier than ever and we may fall somewhere in between. Wherever you are right now, this time undoubtedly brings it challenges and it's important to look after yourself, which in turn helps you to support others around you too. We can't give out from an empty cup! If you aren't in the habit of self-care, what would be one thing you would like to do for yourself today that takes 5 minutes? Self-care can look very different for each of us, whether it's going for a run, taking a bath, enjoying a quiet cuppa or doing some yoga, mindfully applying a hand lotion or simply being quiet - don't forget to take care of yourself. Share what you need with your household or a friend if it will help you commit to it!

I hope this post is useful during our lockdown no.2 and I shall see you on the other side! :)

Sam x


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