Ukraine Red Cross Appeal Fundraiser

I know many of us naturally feel anxious and uneasy at the moment, experiencing a range of thoughts and sensations in the body. Whilst we don't want to be ignoring what's going on in Ukraine, it's so so important that we look after our own mental and physical health.

I have set up a 3 tier donation, please donate what you can.

Donate and enjoy the workshop for £12 here.

​Donate and enjoy the workshop for £20 here.

Donate and enjoy the workshop for £28 here.

I have created this win-win workshop. It benefits Ukraine directly by raising funds to support them during this immensely challenging time. It also benefits you, it benefits all of us that come together for this experience and those around us too, helping to shine more light in the world.

Workshop: 5 Wellbeing Tools to help YOU to reduce anxiety, so that you can feel calmer, sleep better & feel brighter.

Practice simple but effective practices to soothe the nervous system, bringing the body & mind into the relaxation response. This helps to signal that we are safe & can therefore switch off to relax, heal, sleep & feel more uplifted & at ease.

Format: You can join in-person, on zoom or catch the video recording at a time to suit you.

When: Monday 14th March, 7-8:30pm at Frank Wickham Hall, DE65 6JF (around 5 mins from Hilton & Mickleover via car)

The 5 Powerful Tools that we will explore together include:

The breath (if you only take away 1 thing, let it be this)!

A couple of yoga poses

Body scan


Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) for deep relaxation