We got a dog!

OMG I actually wanted a dog!

I used to be the person who crossed the road to avoid walking past a dog. People used to put their dogs out of the room if I visited. I really did not like dogs! I was terrified of them!

Not to mention the hair on clothes, their wet licks, scary barks and that doggie smell and picking up poops! I always said I would NEVER have a dog!

Fast forward to 2018 and I actually have my own dog! It’s been a slow process, baby steps for sure - being in the same room as a dog, to them sitting on my knee or taking them for a walk to having a dog stay with us! After stepping out my comfort zone, finally I see the beauty of having a dog in my life!

Deciding to have a dog

Firstly, I could tell you many reasons why I shouldn’t get a dog! In the past I would have over analysed, have so many doubts and what ifs - that I am pretty sure I would have talked myself out of the idea! Instead, I have decided to listen to my intuition and feelings, which tell me a dog is definitely the right thing to do. I look forward to her company, going for walks, sitting and stroking and brushing her hair, playing games and seeing her develop and grow.

Choosing our forever dog