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We got a dog!

OMG I actually wanted a dog!

I used to be the person who crossed the road to avoid walking past a dog. People used to put their dogs out of the room if I visited. I really did not like dogs! I was terrified of them!

Not to mention the hair on clothes, their wet licks, scary barks and that doggie smell and picking up poops! I always said I would NEVER have a dog!

Fast forward to 2018 and I actually have my own dog! It’s been a slow process, baby steps for sure - being in the same room as a dog, to them sitting on my knee or taking them for a walk to having a dog stay with us! After stepping out my comfort zone, finally I see the beauty of having a dog in my life!

Deciding to have a dog

Firstly, I could tell you many reasons why I shouldn’t get a dog! In the past I would have over analysed, have so many doubts and what ifs - that I am pretty sure I would have talked myself out of the idea! Instead, I have decided to listen to my intuition and feelings, which tell me a dog is definitely the right thing to do. I look forward to her company, going for walks, sitting and stroking and brushing her hair, playing games and seeing her develop and grow.

Choosing our forever dog

We visited a couple of dogs at the locals RSPCAs - we were originally looking for a terrier type dog, because my husband likes them and I felt comfortable with them after I grew to adore my parents-in-laws little Jack Russell. Small dogs I’m generally ok with - big dogs I’m still pretty wary of!

One of the dogs was already reserved and the other was HYPER! I wanted to help him but boy oh boy he needed someone who knew what they were doing from day one - he needed a lot of reassurance and guidance! It wouldn’t be fair on us or the dog if we had taken him home.

We ideally wanted a puppy, we can train and see grow up. Then a friend mentioned Amicii Dog Rescue to us. This is a charity that brings dogs from Romania to find their forever homes. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was very sceptical at first, but I read some wonderful reviews and contacted them and I began to be put at ease.

I took the dive and completed the registration form and we soon had our home check, so when a suitable dog came up we could say YES immediately! We got sent pictures of suitable puppies and finally met two dogs, Sami and Faye. They had just arrived from Romania and were both really sweet and unsure of their surroundings. I went for a second visit with Sami and she won my heart! She is a bigger and more fluffy dog than I envisaged I would get, but hey you can’t plan what will feel right!

Now renamed Tilly, she has joined our household two weeks ago. She’s 5 months old and has lived outside in a kennel. At first she didn’t understand what toys are or about walking on a lead, and now she’s learning to fetch, heel walk and is settling in nicely. Me and Tilly are definitely going to be learning together and we’ve attended one puppy class so far! We are so excited to have offered this ramazing escue fluff ball a forever home!

So here it is - I am now a dog owner… Yes me, yipeeeeee!

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