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Out of Balance - Can you relate to these?

It's very easy to get wrapped up in life and feel out of balance. Here are a few aspects that you may be able to relate to and reflect on.

Sometimes we may;

  • Say "Yes" when really we want to say "No"

  • Do what we think we 'should' be doing, but our heart tells us otherwise.

  • Ignore the messages our body sends us and continue to sit down when we need to move, or push ourselves when we need a rest

  • Not listen to our minds telling us we are stressed and carry on with the same patterns regardless

  • Spend time and energy on things we are not passionate about

  • Always put others first and feel resentful, neglected and not respected by our-self

  • Spend time on social media, comparing the best parts of others with ourselves, forgetting it's not reality. Everyone has their own stories and issues

  • Forget to be grateful for all the things we do have

  • Not review our goals, even though things have changed

  • Live in our head and forget to live in the present moment, the only place where true living exists

  • Push unwanted emotions aside, burying a part of our self

  • Deem our mind and body as two separate entities, when they are deeply connected

  • We don't take any time out for ourselves, to understand our true authentic self, in order to move forward with connection

Which (if any) statements can you relate to? How do they make you feel?

Often recognising our own patterns and behavior is the hardest first step.

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