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Show Up With Your Whole Self (not just your shiny bits)

If you are feeling under par at the moment you may be able to relate to this yoga post by Rachel Scott, who has like myself, suffered with anxiety and depression. I came across it a while ago and it struck a chord with me.

One of the things I loved about this post was her honesty and for making me realise it's ok to show up, be myself and continue to live life without fearing I am not in the right place for x, y, z. Come to yoga and connect with who you are right now!

In my classes there are no set expectations. What I do hope is that you will show up and be yourself - I want my classes to offer you "me time" rather than another situation where you may feel you have to put a brave front on. I certainly won't be judging you, so I urge you not to judge yourself. Remember, everyday is different and you do have choices to choose what feels good for you, to help keep yourself in balance on any given day.



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