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Find Balance This Winter

Honour the winter time to rest & hibernate

This winter I am experimenting with some new seasonal twists in our yoga classes. At the beginning of December we have focused on going inwards, slowing down, hibernating and resting. We have practiced finding the small pause, that space that present at the top of the inhale and bottom of the exhale, helping to find a little extra peace during this busy festive month. Poses such as child’s pose, hugging knees to chest and pigeon have helped to bring a cosy and nurturing feel, bringing the focus back home to ourselves.

Step by step you will move forwards

As we step into the new year, we can often be full of new ideas and resolutions. Sometimes we can lose perspective going full steam ahead to only lose momentum early on. This year I am going to practice recognising that I can start out small and build up, there are 12 months to work towards and adapt our goals as we grow. In fact I didn’t sleep so well last night, getting excited about various business ideas for 2020, however there’s only one of me and I need to learn & try things step by step ;) What dreams do you have? What lights your fire? What will you go to take the first step to get started?

Warm up and glow brightly

Speaking of fire, some of us can feel like we need a bit of heat and radiance during the darker, grey winter days. I will be bringing some warmth, light and energy to our yoga classes in January, with stimulating breaths, mudras and opening poses, such as bow and dancer.

Keep yourself balanced this winter with a few of these practices:

- Grounding and warming diet

- Warm nourishing milky drinks

- Hot herbal teas that support digestion

- Regular massage & warm baths

- Plenty of exercise, preferably indoors

- Exposure to the sun as regularly as possible

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