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Festive Foods - Top Tips

Christmas is a time full of delicious, warming, wintery foods; casseroles, warm mince pies and mulled wine, that are there to be enjoyed. If like me you are partial to a chocolate or two (or twenty) you may want to try out these tips that I am going to practice this year. I KNOW that I have very little self-restraint when the chocolates or any other Christmas goodies are next to me and then I end up regretting it and getting a tummy ache!

My top tips to enjoy festive treats without over-doing it are:

  • Avoid buying chocolates ahead of time that are on offer thinking that you will save money – they will be there tempting you and you may only have to buy them again!

  • Put nibbles out in small bowls so smaller quantities will be consumed and place the rest out of sight (and perhaps reach)!

  • Use smaller plates and bowls when serving items such as desserts, then your eyes will see a full bowl (my eyes are always bigger than my belly) and you will help avoid that bloated feeling!

  • If you have many parties involving alcohol, schedule in a few alcohol free nights in your December schedule to give your body a break or offer to be a designated driver.

  • Swap salted nuts, pretzels and crisps for whole nuts such as almonds, walnuts and chestnuts. These offer more nutrients to keep your body fighting fit this festive season.

  • Put seasonal fruits out in an attractive bowl that you and your household enjoy, such as satsumas, for easy to access snacks.

  • December can be a hectic month – take some time out with a bath, some yoga or another relaxing activity to allow you to slow down and make more conscious food choices.

  • Notice your consumption of juices and fizzy drinks that contain lots of sugar, herbals teas can offer a nice warming (and sometimes sweet) alternative.

Leave a comment and let me know how you get on x


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