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Help a Busy Mind to Buzz Off!

There is a wonderful breathing practice (pranayama) called Bumble Bee breath (or brahmari, a Sanskrit word that means “bee”). This humming practice is named after the sound a bee makes. The sound helps to settle an overactive mind and creates calmness through naturally lengthening the exhale as you practice it.

What are the benefits?

There are various benefits said to be gained from doing this breathing practice, including:

- Gives instant relief from tension, anger and anxiety as it calms down the agitated mind

- Gives relief if you're feeling hot or have a slight headache

- Helps prevent migraines

- Improves concentration and memory

- Creates vibration & sound waves supporting wellbeing

How to practice Bumble Bee breath

To practice sit comfortably, with the back tall and shoulders relaxed. Start by taking a few natural breaths, feel the air flow in and out of the nose. If it’s comfortable for you, close the eyes.

Then, keeping the lips closed, inhale through the nostrils. As you exhaling, make the sound of the letter M, essentially a humming sound. Then repeat: Inhale through the nose, then hum like a buzzing bee as you exhale. Continue by inhaling as needed and exhaling with this sound for 5 rounds if you are new to this practice.

For more options and tips, you can join me in the Bumble Bee breath practice video, one of the Bronze and Gold membership bonus videos in the Beautifully Balanced on demand library. You can find out more and access online classes here.

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