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“I’m not Flexible Enough to do Yoga”

If I already knew how to drive a car back when I was 17, I wouldn’t have needed lessons. If I already knew how to speak Japanese, I wouldn’t have attended a class. For a while we are all beginners at something, then we progress, but often we are always still learning.

Although I’m a yoga teacher, I am still a student too, there’s always on-going learning and development and I love feeling the benefits! Many of the yoga poses I feel confident with, but give me an arm balance and I am definitely still working on it!

So many people say to me that they’d like to try yoga but “they are not flexible enough” – says who?

Would you only start a French class if you’d already mastered the basics? Of course not you’d go and give it your best shot (or at least hope for the best)! If you think you’re not very flexible – in other words, you don’t think you have the range of motion that you could have in your joints. Then that’s the perfect reason to start yoga! Consequently, by improving your range of motion this will aid you in everyday life, such as bending down to pick something up!

Besides yoga isn’t all about flexibility (as much as instagram would lead you to believe), it’s about building strength, balance, detoxing, bringing in fresh oxygen to the body and connecting your body and mind, to name a few.

So I urge you to come and give it a try, choose the options given in class that suit you. Listen to my instructions, but most importantly listen to your own body and do what feels good for you on the mat! Notice your sense of physical confidence and well-being improve.



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