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Online Classes - What to Expect?

Image: pic that made me smile, sent from a class member doing an on-demand zumba class in the lounge!

  1. In Live Zoom classes we all come together at the same time and experience the class in real time, there is a real community in our online studio ;) With on-demand classes, you can access the live class recordings to enjoy anytime, to fit around your schedule - new class videos added to the library each week!

  2. I am delivering the classes from my dining area and spare room, everyone else is in their homes being creative and finding space in a room - it doesn’t need to be a specific room for classes, make the most of what you have!

  3. For live classes, some people choose to leave the camera off and others turn it on. There might be kids and pets in the background or you can tuck yourself away in a quiet space, whatever works for you is fine.

  4. Everyone is muted during all live classes, so any background noises won’t come through, you can relax!

  5. Expect smiles and uplifting music in Zumba. If you are getting back into movement/exercise, take a drinks break when you need to, take it at your pace so you ENJOY it rather not feel like you’ve killed yourself, there is none of that here!

  6. In Yoga, expect clear verbal instructions and visual demonstrations so you can easily follow the class whether you can see the screen or not.

  7. In live classes there is the opportunity to say hello and ask any questions before or after class. For on-demand classes you can always get in touch if there is anything I can do to support you, I am always happy to help.

  8. The focus of the classes is to enjoy movement, reduce stress, improve posture and fitness etc in a pleasurable way. Life is too short to spend your precious time doing movement that you dislike!

  9. You can trust that your flexibility & calmness from yoga and your dance co-ordination will naturally improve over time when you commit to regular classes, there is no need to create anxiety or tension about achieving the many wonderful benefits, trust that they will come gradually.

  10. People who attend classes are mostly in their 30s-50s, but there are also teenagers to 70 years, It’s people you see out in your local community, not yoga models or professional dancers! Everyone is very welcome.

Sound good??

  • Head over to the BB Online class page for the schedule and more info. Then click ‘get access to yoga & zumba classes now’ to go directly to the BB Class Platform.

  • In the BB platform you can access the class packs and memberships in the ‘purchase’ area and book your Live classes via the schedule or go straight to the on-demand library for a selection of videos (updated weekly).

  • A first class is FREE. Classes start at £5.50 or unlimited class memberships from £40 per month.

From my home to yours,



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