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Charity Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep)

Sunday 15th March 2020 at Mickleover Pavillion on Vicarage Park, 4-5pm.

Free parking infont of venue, accessed from Vicarage Road.

* Donation Based Class - offer what you can, all profits to Sports Relief :) * Starter: Simple yoga stretches * 30-40 mins Yoga Nidra * Close: Sweet treat

Please let Sam know if you are attending to reserve your space - up to 20 spots available. Adults only. Donations to be made on the day. On Sports Relief weekend Join Sam for a big dose of rest and relaxation. After all there is no light without dark, there is no sport without rest ;) Yoga nidra is often referred to as "yogic sleep," a paradoxical state of being between sleep and consciousness that's conducive to deep emotional and physical healing, rewiring your brain, and self-exploration. It involves getting comfortable lying down and listening to a carefully designed script that helps to create this 'between' state. In the beginning, whether you fall asleep during practice (which is quite common) or not, you'll start feeling more rested and restored. 45 mins of yoga nidra is said to be as restful as a 3 hours of sleep. As wellness becomes more of a lifestyle, this subtler form of yoga is gaining more popularity. Why not come along and experience it for yourself? Please bring: -Yoga Mat or Z-Bed -Cushion for head -Cushion or bolster to place under knees if you have a sensitive back -Blanket -Water Please note: Due to insurance purposes this class is not suitable for anyone with epilepsy or who is or may be pregnant. Hope to see you there! Sam :)


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