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Episode 60: Unlock Your Healing with Melinda Annear

In this weeks episode, I am joined by the lovely Melinda Annear, a Systematic Kinesiologist; who helps people to unlock their bodies innate healing ability, become unstuck and release mental, emotional and physical blocks, bringing balance, harmony and peace to their body, mind and soul. Melinda is based in Bude, Cornwall and works with people far and wide. You may not have heard of Kinesiology, a powerful personalised approach to health improvement but you will have a clearer idea at the end of this episode.

Melinda is extremely passionate about supporting others to find their own path in life, to fall in love with themselves again and create personal transformation for her clients. I wanted to rewind, to firstly understand what led her on this path of self transformation. Melinda opened up about how she struggled with depression and anxiety from a young age after losing a close family member. She struggled to find support and over the years tried various methods including reiki healing, but nothing seemed to really help.

After the tremendous sadness of experiencing a miscarriage, Melinda suffered both emotionally and physically, as well as experiencing PTSD from this heartbreaking time in her life. This eventually lead to her losing her high-level corporate job, feeling completely lost and turning to her GP for support. Melinda continued to feel completely lost and unsupported after reaching out to various professionals as well as trying meditation groups before finding spiritual counselling to try to see this experience from a different point of view.

This is where Melinda was first introduced to Kinesiology, which she was completely unware of at this time. She was passed on the contact details of someone who happened to be running a Kinesiology introduction day, Melinda went along and instantly thought, why have I not being doing this my whole life?! She knew straight away that this is what she was supposed to be doing with her life. She wanted to help herself, as well as others so that no one would have to go through how she felt on their own.

Kinesiology was a completely new word to me, so with a beginners mindset Melinda helpfully explained that it simply means 'the study of movement'. It is a holistic therapy originating from a medical background that uses muscle response testing to measure the motor response of the central nervous system. It was first developed in the 1960's by an American chiropractor who became famous for his ability to heal patients from health problems that other's weren't able to. He went on to teach his techniques to other medical professionals including osteopaths, doctors and dentists and eventually founded the International College of Applied Kinesiology. They discovered there was links between how the muscles, meridian energy and organs respond, which they were able to connect with traditional Chinese medical methods, as well as neuro-lymphatic massage points and neuro-vascular techniques to support and rebalance various systems of the body. Allowing them to identify where imbalances in the body were occurring through the muscle testing and then carrying out techniques to restore the balance.

Various branches of Kinesiology has now developed through these original techniques. Melinda specializes in a technique known as systematic Kinesiology. This enables those who are not from a medical background to learn and train in the techniques to help others. The muscle testing is essentially a way to communicate with your body and your subconscious to find out which area's of the body may be blocked or out of balance and to get to the root cause of their health problems. The most common health issues that Melinda works with her clients tend to be digestive issues, hormonal imbalances or skin concerns, as well as emotional imbalances. Highlighting the important point we have spoken about in other blogs that the mind and body are connected, so often when we are dealing with an emotional imbalance this will often show as a physical imbalance or pain. As well as the importance of listening to our bodies as it is often trying to communicate with us in many ways.

I was keen to know if Melinda had any tips for how we may be able to help ourselves if we are struggling with these common concerns she works with everyday. Melinda explained the importance of understanding that all of our bodies are different, both internally and externally. Where digestive issues are concerned, if we can take notice of how we are feeling after eating certain foods to understand what makes us feel good and energized as well as what foods are leading us to feel sluggish or bloated. This may enable us to understand more about any dietary sensitives we may have and what small changes we can make to our diets to work with this. Melinda also highlighted how practices included meditation or yoga can be extremely beneficial to allow us to take a step back and pause to really hear what is going on with our bodies.

Through supporting clients of all ages to find their balance and improve their health and wellbeing, Melinda has seen some wonderful results. She recalls several instances of helping others to release grief or emotional baggage they may be holding on to that are presenting as physical pain, as well as helping with weight loss, infertility and respiratory problems to name a few!

Melinda's positive energy and passion shone through so brightly throughout or whole conversation and I loved learning more about Kinesiology and understanding how it works. If you would like to listen to the 50 minute podcast episode of our conversation, click here.

If you would like to connect with Melinda or learn more, you can visit her Instagram here, or website here. You can also redeem a free gift here!

I hope you have enjoyed reading,

Love Sam x

P.S- click here to listen to the podcast episode here!


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