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New Years Resolutions: My Thoughts

The new year often bring a new chapter, a fresh start, a time to reflect and set some new years resolutions or goals.

This may look like:

- Do more exercise

- Drink less alcohol

- Spend more time with family

- Take more time to relax

- Save up for a new sofa / car/ house etc.....

From these what results do you really want?

- Increase fitness levels to feel good and to play with the kids

- Cut out weekday alcohol to improve sleep, concentration etc

- Feel a greater connection to family

- Feel a sense of balance in body and mind

- Get a new sofa to chillax on by July

The question is, how are you going to get there?

You could focus on the results and set up a fitness schedule, e.g. go for a run three times per week.... And yes, you could do this and achieve your goal. However, what I urge you to do is think about what process you can go through that would be enjoyable AND help you achieve your goals.

For example:

- Find some exercise you enjoy and look forward to going to; you are more likely to stick to it and therefore naturally increase your fitness levels

- Find a nice alternative, such as a herbal tea you enjoy (I recommend peppermint), that helps you to relax on an evening (instead of feeling annoyed you can't drink alcohol)

- Reach out to family to join in with activities you enjoy doing in order to connect, such as a countryside walk

- Start a regular yoga or meditation practice to help you relax and have some 'me time'

- Set aside a realistic amount of money each month for a new sofa and feel happy you are working towards it

I will leave you with a story

Once there was an artist who had decided on the result of her painting. She started the painting methodically and created a picture close to what she had in mind. She felt a lot of pressure as she was creating the painting to form her desired result. She didn't really enjoy the painting process, but she got the outcome.

A friend suggested to her, why don't you start a painting and see where it leads you by follow your feelings and intuition? This approach was different and felt strange, but the painter gave it a go and created a painting that was completely different to her usual style. She was surprised and pleased with the outcome, but most importantly she really enjoyed the process of painting it and expressing herself.

Final word

Sometimes we need to let go of the results a little bit and focus on the process and who knows, it may take us somewhere we never imagined. Trust in yourself! #choosewhatyouenjoy

Resources: For more information on cutting down on alcohol go to


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