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Why Go & Exercise in Winter?

Winter comes with many reasons to stay snuggled up inside, but we can be left feeling sluggish and stiff!

By moving our muscles and joints, we will start to warm up the body from the inside out. Movement can help us to improve our circulation and encourage the warmth to often cold hands and feet, helping us to relax.

Regular exercise helps to boost our immune system, helping to fight off any colds etc that are lurking around during this time of year, helping you to function effectively.

The days are shorter and often we leave and return to our homes when it’s dark. Boost your energy and enjoy dancing to the latest Zumba songs or releasing any tensions from the cold on the yoga mat.

If you’re feeling a bit bah humbug after Christmas, yoga can help you to open your heart and let go, helping you to start the new year with a fresh perspective. Or focus on the uplifting Zumba songs to boost your mood!

We may feel like hibernating some days but come out and socialise at class, you will feel better for it. Break that work-home-work-home routine!


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