Overwhelmed? Try this

Ever feel like life is overwhelming? So many factors; work deadlines, family, friends, colleagues, meals, house, pets, problems, stresses, decisions.... Often it can leave us feeling out of balance. We can be moving from one thing to the next, sometimes feeling like we are just going through the motions and it can leave us feeling swamped, fed-up and burnt out.

We can be trying to do it all, perhaps we want to be good enough or respected, feel a sense of status or we fear being judged by our-self and others; our ego can definitely get in the way! We can feel anxious that our world will fall apart if we don't keep going, we can be scared to make changes and so we stay on this same treadmill of life. You feel out of wack and you can find yourself being short with the people around you, but you want to connect with people but you're only half present as your mind is working overtime.